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A Trip to the Oregon Coast


A few days ago, my husband and I headed off to the Oregon Coast for a little break. For months we’ve been looking forward to this getaway, a cabin offered through the Oregon State Parks system.


With a toilet, shower, microwave, and bunk beds, vacationing in one of these little beauties is not exactly roughing it. However, I much prefer to be in the forest right next to the beach rather than in a motel room.


From a sunny day in the 90s we entered a foggy atmosphere in the 60s. The break from the heat was nice.


I love the towering overstory, woodsy scents, and booming surf.


The beach is quiet after Labor Day. You can walk for miles without running into anyone.


A feast of calamari, provided by Pacific Restaurant.


Sunset over the Pacific Ocean was spectacular from our cabin.


I even got a little writing accomplished by the light of the campfire, in between s’mores. Just over 1,000 words, if you’re curious. I’ve found that I really enjoy writing in different locations. New surroundings seem to add some zest.

Photo credit: Tillamook Chamber of Commerce

Photo credit: Tillamook Chamber of Commerce

On day 2, we stopped in at the Tillamook Air Museum. Why would Tillamook, Oregon, a town known for its cheese, with just over 4,900 people, have an air museum? I’m glad you asked. Tillamook was the site of a blimp base during World War II, one of only ten such bases on U.S. soil.


The blimp hangar at Tillamook, which houses the aircraft collection, is one of the largest wooden structures in the world. The plane on the left is a Mini Guppy.


The Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa “Oscar” is a rare Japanese fighter plane. They were used extensively as kamikaze aircraft at the end of the war.


A spooky house on the outskirts of Tillamook. This is what our house would look like if I didn’t hack back the overgrowth every once in a while.

It was a short trip, but very enjoyable. We’ll be back!

Note: All pictures were taken by my husband unless otherwise specified.



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