About Freeblood

The Quinn Chronicles, volume 1. Urban fantasy/thriller. Portland, Oregon.

Freeblood went through a round of professional edits with Lorin Oberweger of Free Expressions. In February of 2012, I entered a contest called the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA). I won Second Prize in the young adult competition, which means that out of 5,000 entries, Freeblood was among the top 250, or top 5%.

Here are some of the nice things people are saying about the novel. You’ll find the back cover text at the bottom of the page.

“Wow, does this book start with a bang and just keep packing it on.” —Laura Thomas, fuonlyknew

“A must read with a strong female lead.” —Chandra Haun, Unabridged Shelf

“Well written with lots of action.” —Murphy’s Law

“The strongest thing about this excerpt is the writing style. The story moves very quickly due to the dialogue without getting bogged down with too much narrative. Overall, this is an excellent excerpt. The writing is seasoned and polished. The story moves quickly and the pacing is great. I love the use of dialogue and think that the story has a unique twist on the regular vampire story. Very, very well done.”

—ABNA Expert Reviewer (who read the first 5,000 words)

“The plot unfolds at breakneck speed with plenty of harrowing moments to keep the heart racing. The Portland setting lends a realistic feel; the Underground with the Shanghai Tunnels, winding roads, and the weather, all play critical roles. The author does a fine job of weaving supernatural lore with present day science and technology. Unearthly beings, psychics, and magic spells all seem plausible in this fantasy thriller. The ending is logical and satisfying, and, as in real life, it’s not completely happily-ever-after.”

Publishers Weekly Reviewer (who read the entire book; Publishers Weekly is an independent organization)

Cover art by Natalie Marino

Secrets and lies have surrounded 21-year-old Quinn Zauber since a vampire killed her mother and brother a year ago. Jo-Jo Huang, her best friend and roommate, has offered steady support, even going along with Quinn’s crazy ghost-hunting schemes. Now Jo-Jo has been kidnapped, and clues point to an audio recorder the roomies placed in Portland’s notorious underground tunnels.

With her naïve cousin Kasey riding shotgun and an old attraction, paranormal investigator Del Whelan, imposing his own brand of help, Quinn searches for Jo-Jo, fights supernaturals, and strives to keep her horrible secrets under wraps.

What Quinn doesn’t realize is that her witch bloodline makes her of special interest to one of the deadliest vampires around.


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  1. Wow. You did well in the ABNA.

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