Welcome to My Big Adventure

I am a writer in the final stages of self-publishing my first novel, Freeblood, a tale of vampires and other supernatural creatures who prowl the winter landscape of Portland, Oregon. Head on over to the Freeblood page for a longer description.

Self-publishing a novel is an intricate process, and writing is just the first step. I hired a professional fiction editor to look at structural matters, such as pacing, scene development, and exposition. She is also a line editor (aka copy editor), someone who reviews the technical details of grammar, punctuation, and consistency. The book cover is another big piece of the puzzle, and I worked closely with an artist to come up with a unique idea that fits the story.

Once I incorporated the editor’s suggestions and received the cover, I formatted the book for publication on Amazon.com’s CreateSpace (see Book Specs). I received the proof a few days ago, and right now I’m fine-tuning the interior and cover files. Publication will take place in a few weeks, first in paperback form, then e-book.

This blog will be devoted to a few main areas of interest: supernatural fiction and the people who read it, self-publishing and the publishing world, and my progress in writing and selling books.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey.



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4 responses to “Welcome to My Big Adventure

  1. Welcome to the blogging community! Looking forward to reading your book!
    Thanks <3,

  2. Site looks great! Congrats on the book!!

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